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Ever wondered what it's like to be a soldier? This section defines the people, technology and science used to equip soldiers. Articles here range from the technology of war and military snipers to gas masks and body armor.

How Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Works

Formerly known as "shell shock," research into post-traumatic stress disorder began intensely after Congress requested a study of how Vietnam veterans were readjusting to civilian life in 1983. What have we learned since then about PTSD?

Can high-tech military gadgets improve safety for soldiers and civilians in combat?

High-tech military gadgets are explained in this article. Learn about high-tech military gadgets. See more »

Top 5 Gadgets on the High-tech Soldier

5 gadgets on the high-tech soldier are explained in this article. Learn about 5 gadgets on the high-tech soldier. See more »

Do gamers make good soldiers?

Whether or not gamers make good soldiers is explained in this article. Find out if gamers make good soldiers. See more »

How are terror alert levels determined?

Terror alerts are one way governments try to fight terrorism. Learn how terror alerts work, if they're effective and what the different levels mean. See more »

How The Citadel Works

The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, is a college that differs from many others. Learn about The Citadel and the education it offers. See more »

Top 10 Game-changing Military Technologies

These 10 game-changing technologies changed war and history as we know it. Learn which 10 game-changing technologies made our list. See more »

Why do I have to join the French Foreign Legion under an assumed name?

The French Foreign Legion is a French mercenary unit that bills itself as the school of second chance. Learn more about the French Foreign Legion. See more »

How Transparent Aluminum Armor Works

Transparent aluminum armor can stop armor-piercing bullets that travel miles. See how transparent aluminum armor works and why you can see through it. See more »

How Game Theory Works

Game theory introduction coincided with advances in economy and warfare. Read about game theory introduction and how it changed the way we wage war and bets. See more »

Was there a covert CIA prison system?

A CIA prison system stretched across the globe in countries like Thailand and Afghanistan. Read more about the CIA prison system and its covert operations. See more »