Ever wondered what it's like to be a soldier? This section defines the people, technology and science used to equip soldiers. Articles here range from the technology of war and military snipers to gas masks and body armor.

What is water boarding?

In 2007, Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey came under fire for refusing to classify water boarding as torture. What does water boarding entail? Does it work?

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  • How Military Camouflage Works

    How Military Camouflage Works

    Camouflage is critical in military operations. Learn about different types of camouflage and see how the art of blending in is keeping up with modern detection systems. See more »

  • How Military Snipers Work

    How Military Snipers Work

    There's more to being a sniper than lining up your target in the crosshairs and pulling the trigger -- try lying in the same position for days at a time. See more »

  • How MREs Work

    How MREs Work

    Coalition troops have been surviving mainly on MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) for most of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Learn what these portable, adaptable and absolutely essential pieces of military technology are all about. See more »

  • How Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Works

    How Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Works

    Formerly known as "shell shock," research into post-traumatic stress disorder began intensely after Congress requested a study of how Vietnam veterans were readjusting to civilian life in 1983. What have we learned since then about PTSD? See more »

  • How The Citadel Works

    How The Citadel Works

    Once you pass through this school's gates, you leave your civilian clothes and ordinary life behind and join the South Carolina Corps of Cadets. It's a far cry from the adventures of a typical, clueless college freshman. So what's knob life like? See more »

  • How Transparent Aluminum Armor Works

    How Transparent Aluminum Armor Works

    Bullet-resistant glass seems flimsy once you compare it with transparent aluminum armor. Will this new heavy-duty material soon be shielding soldiers and police officers? See more »

  • How War Dogs Work

    How War Dogs Work

    Was a dog really the first to encounter bin Laden? We may never know, but we do know that man's best friend has been serving in wars for centuries, getting soldiers smokes, sniffing out bombs and patrolling borders. Why do canines make such good soldiers? See more »

  • Is there a torture manual?

    Is there a torture manual?

    While it says it doesn't participate in physical torture, the United States government has a manual of techniques to make prisoners talk. But are they torture? See more »

  • Is war murder?

    Is war murder?

    Wars and murders have much the same result -- by the end, someone will be dead. One is condoned, while the other is punished. Why is that? What makes the two so different from each another? See more »

  • Quiz: How do bomb-sniffing dogs work?

    Quiz: How do bomb-sniffing dogs work?

    Your dog can roll over? Well, ours can sniff out a kilo of C-4. Take the bomb-sniffing dog quiz, and see if your score gets you a treat or the rolled-up newspaper. See more »

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