Ever wondered what it's like to be a soldier? This section defines the people, technology and science used to equip soldiers. Articles here range from the technology of war and military snipers to gas masks and body armor.

Rank, Military or Naval

Rank, Military or Naval, the grade held by members of the armed services, which indicates their official standing.

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  • How are conventional and unconventional warfare different?

    How are conventional and unconventional warfare different?

    The U.S. Navy SEALs exemplify unconventional warfare. Find out how conventional and unconventional warfare differ in this article. See more »

  • What does tear gas do?

    What does tear gas do?

    It is pretty common to hear someone on the news say, "The crowd was dispersed with tear gas." What is tear gas? What does it do? See more »

  • What is an MRE?

    What is an MRE?

    I've seen how the U.S. Army's food now comes in plastic pouches called MREs. Is this real food? How does it taste? See more »

  • Adenauer, Konrad

    Adenauer, Konrad

    Adenauer, Konrad (1876-1967), a German statesman. He was the first chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany). See more »

  • Adjutant


    Adjutant, a military officer whose duty is to take care of the internal details, correspondence, reports, and records of an army unit. See more »

  • Admiral


    Admiral, a naval officer of the highest rank. The word comes from the Arabic amir-al-bahr (commander of the sea). See more »

  • Captain


    Captain, a military and naval rank. The word comes from the Latin caput, meaning “head.” In the U.S. See more »

  • Colonel


    Colonel, a commissioned army, air force, or marine officer ranking above a lieutenant colonel and below a brigadier general. See more »

  • Commander


    Commander, a person who holds a position of authority or command. The rank of commander in the U.S. See more »

  • Commodore


    Commodore, a naval rank between that of captain and rear admiral. The U.S. Navy discontinued the rank in 1899 but reestablished it temporarily during World War II. See more »

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