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Ever wondered what it's like to be a soldier? This section defines the people, technology and science used to equip soldiers. Articles here range from the technology of war and military snipers to gas masks and body armor.

How Gas Masks Work

Companies are reporting waiting lists for gas masks. Learn how these devices work and what they can actually protect you from.

How Military Camouflage Works

Camouflage is critical in military operations. Learn about different types of camouflage and see how the art of blending in is keeping up with modern detection systems. See more »

How Body Armor Works

Look at hard body armor and other modern armor technologies to see how they can stop bullets. See more »

I've seen how the U.S. Army's food now comes in plastic pouches called MREs. Is this real food? How does it taste? See more »

It is pretty common to hear someone on the news say, "The crowd was dispersed with tear gas." What is tear gas? What does it do? See more »