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Space Exploration

Space exploration is a broad topic covering many facets of deep-space and planetary science. Learn about space probes, Mars Rovers, SETI and other out-of-this-world subjects.

'I'll Take a Reusable Rocket Trip for $43 Million, Please'

It's been a busy week for SpaceX. On Tuesday, the company announced its first customer for its reusable rockets. On Thursday, a SpaceX rocket and its payload blew up. See more »

Closest Exoplanet Yet Confirmed By European Southern Observatory

And guess what? Proxima b, our nearest rocky exoplanet cousin, is in the all-important habitable zone, too. See more »

Large Hadron Having a Smashing Good Time in 2016

What's up with the world's most famous particle accelerator almost eight years after it came online? See more »

More Signs Point to Venus as Habitable in its Distant Past

A new NASA climate model sheds light on the early years of our neighbor, suggesting a period billions of years long that could've sustained life. See more »

We Still Love You From Afar, Curiosity

It's hard to believe you've already been hanging out on Mars for four years now, Curiosity! See more »

The High-tech Way NASA Spots Out-of-control Wildfires

We're still waiting for our firefighting robots, but in the meantime NASA has come up with some cutting-edge ways to find and fight wildfires. See more »

The Galaxy Just Got More Crowded

Before today, NASA had identified 12 exoplanets that are within the so-called Goldilocks zone. They added a whopping nine more to the total today. See more »

A Mighty Wind Blows ... in Space

How mighty? Well, about 124 million miles per hour. See more »

Terrified of Cosmic Loneliness? Astrobiologists Have a Dating Tip

Aliens can only observe Earth in transit if they exist within Earth's transit zone. Is that where we'll finally find some cosmic company? See more »

The Challenge of Building a Massive Space Telescope

A project like the JWST takes more than a village to come to fruition. It takes many space agencies and corporate partners … and one man to manage the massive feat. See more »