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Aliens & UFOs

Do Aliens & UFOs exist? Has man been visited by other races from other worlds? Explore the fascinating evidence for and against the existence of extraterrestrials.

Ashtar, Master of the Universe

Ashtar is an interstellar ruler and leader of millions of extraterrestrials who is said to have contacted George van Tassel. Learn more about Ashtar.

UFO Reports

UFO reports have been filed by everyday UFO witnesses from Russia to Minnesota, and even by celebrities. Read more UFO reports from the past century. See more »

UFO Evidence

Does good UFO evidence exist? Can we find proof of UFOs? Scientists and laymen have searched for years -- read more about the hunt for UFO evidence. See more »

History of the Roswell UFO Incident

The history of the Roswell UFO incident has a long and complicated legacy of truth and conspiracy. Learn more history of the Roswell UFO incident. See more »

Psychic Contact with UFOs

Psychic contact with UFOs happened to Merry Lynn Noble in 1982, and she transformed her life afterwards. Read about psychic contact with UFOs. See more »

The Cash-Landrum UFO Incident

The Cash-Landrum UFO incident left Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum with severe illness and lifelong injuries. Read about the Cash-Landrum UFO incident. See more »

Jackie Gleason Sees a UFO

The Jackie Gleason UFO tale begins with President Nixon inviting him to see aliens at an Air Force Base. Check out the Jackie Gleason UFO story. See more »

The Rendlesham Forest Incident

In the Rendlesham Forest incident, triangular UFOs appeared in England and landed on multiple nights. Learn more about the Rendlesham Forest incident. See more »

The 1980 Rosedale UFO

The 1980 Rosedale UFO came to a ranch in southern Australia--and emptied the rancher's water tanks. Learn more about the 1980 Rosedale UFO sighting. See more »

The 1986 Alaska UFO

The 1986 Alaska UFO appeared to pilot Kenju Terauchi in late afternoon. The huge ship was as large as two aircraft carriers. Check out the Alaska UFO. See more »

The 1965 Valensole UFO Encounter

In 1965, the Valensole UFO landed near Maurice Masse's workplace, and two figures exited the ship. Learn more about the Valensole UFO encounter. See more »