Do Aliens & UFOs exist? Has man been visited by other races from other worlds? Explore the fascinating evidence for and against the existence of extraterrestrials.

The Falcon Lake Incident

In the Falcon Lake incident, Stephen Michalak approached a landed UFO, and was burned when the vehicle took off again. But he did manage to poke his head inside the craft before it launched. What did he see?

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  • Senator Russell Sees a UFO

    Senator Russell Sees a UFO

    In 1955, Georgia Senator Richard Russell saw a UFO while in Russia. The matter was classified until 1985, and not even Project Blue Book received the report. Learn more about the Russell UFO sighting. See more »

  • Space Animals

    Space Animals

    John Philip Bessor originally theorized that UFOs could be a form of space animal. These organisms may even be carnivorous. Learn more about space animals and the UFO critter theory. See more »

  • Spring Heeled Jack

    Spring Heeled Jack

    Spring Heeled Jack is a legendary English character. He was a mysterious a Victorian-era murderer, leaping from rooftop to rooftop, leaving a trail of tragedy in his wake. Read why some think Spring Heeled Jack may have been an alien humanoid. See more »

  • Star People

    Star People

    Star People are those who, according to Brad Steiger, live on Earth to prepare for the arrival of our alien relatives. Star People have unique traits that set them apart from ordinary humans. Read more about Star People. See more »

  • The 1808 Sweden UFO Encounter

    The 1808 Sweden UFO Encounter

    The 1808 UFO encounter in Biskopsberga, Sweden lasted over two hours as strange bubbles floated across the sky. Some of the bubbles dropped to the ground but soon dried and vanished. Read more about the 1808 Sweden UFOs. See more »

  • The 1884 Nebraska Crash

    The 1884 Nebraska Crash

    In 1884 a UFO crash in Nebraska sent flaming bits of machinery flying through the air and startled residents. The long, cylindrical ship later disappeared when it rained. Read more about the 1884 Nebraska crash. See more »

  • The 1897 Cow Abduction Hoax

    The 1897 Cow Abduction Hoax

    In 1897 Alexander Hamilton reported a cow abduction by a UFO that appeared at his farm in Kansas. How did he fool people for half a century, and even get the made-up story in the newspaper? See more »

  • The 1897 Lake Elmo UFO Encounter

    The 1897 Lake Elmo UFO Encounter

    During the Lake Elmo UFO encounter in 1897, witnesses reported a strange figure carrying a lantern before taking off in a ship with red and green lights. Read more about the Lake Elmo UFO encounter. See more »

  • The 1957 Levelland UFO Encounter

    The 1957 Levelland UFO Encounter

    One night brought many UFO sightings in Levelland, Texas, reported by independent observers in different locations. the official explanation: "ball lightning." Learn more about the Levelland UFO reports. See more »

  • The 1964 Socorro UFO Encounter

    The 1964 Socorro UFO Encounter

    In 1964, police officer Lonnie Zamora saw an egg-shaped UFO in Socorro, New Mexico -- and the pilots. The encounter was so incredible that government nvestigators from the secret Project Blue Book even came to investigate. See more »

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