Is there anything faster than light?
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10 Ways to See into the Future: Time Travel
Can time travel allow us to visit the future? Watch as a child explains Einstein's theory on the elasticity of time on The Science Channel's "10 Ways to See into the Future."
Assignment Discovery: Mass Energy Equivalence Formula
On Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery," learn about, what is perhaps, Albert Einstein's most startling conclusion, the mass-energy equivalence formula or E=mc squared. It states that energy and mass are linked with the speed of light.
Assignment Discovery: Refraction Basics
On Discovery Channels "Assignment Discovery," learn how refraction occurs when light travels through a transparent medium affecting the speed and redirecting the light.
Assignment Discovery: Speed of Light
Electricity and magnetism are related because they both result from the movement of electrons. Learn more about electromagnetic waves and the speed of light on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."
Stephen Hawking's Universe: A Walk In Time
Hawking and other visionary physicists consider the possibility of using wormholes as portals to the past and future.
Stephen Hawking's Universe: Mad Scientist Paradox
Hawking uses a variation of the "grandfather paradox" to show why time travel can give cosmologists nightmares.
Stephen Hawking's Universe: Time Travel Starship
In the future, a massive spaceship built for extreme velocities could accelerate to near light speed and travel into the future.
Stephen Hawking's Universe: Wormhole Voyages
If we could ever open a massive wormhole, could it be used as a portal for journeys to distant planets or the deep past?
Through The Wormhole: Cosmic Strings
Cosmic strings may be a way to travel trough the universe at the speed of light. Think of them as HOV lanes for space travelers.
Through The Wormhole: DIY Wormhole
This physicist is driven to try and construct an actual wormhole that is both predictable and has stable properties. What could go wrong?
Through The Wormhole: Double Vision
This physicist describes the fluctuating properties of light as an experience similar to staring at a barcode on a juice carton while intoxicated.
Through The Wormhole: Stranded in the Solar System
Because it's impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, mankind is eternally stranded inside the confines of our solar system.
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