The Solar System

In the Solar System Channel, you can explore the planets and celestial objects around our own sun. Learn about topics such as Mars, Jupiter and the Moon.

How Solar Eclipses Work

A total solar eclipse is a rare event that can be an amazing thing to witness. Learn about solar eclipses and how to observe one safely.

Watch: The Sun Obliterate a Doomed Comet

A NASA spacecraft captured footage of a comet hurtling toward the sun. And then it got crazy

May I Go to the Moon, Please?

Heading to the moon? You might want to ask the FAA first.

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Arrives at Jupiter on Monday, July 4

After a five-year trip, the space probe reaches its destination on a mission to learn about the gas giant's origin and evolution.

Hubble Captures New Images of Jupiter's Northern Lights

The space telescope's ultraviolet observations come days before the Juno space probe will arrive to orbit the gas giant's polar regions.

NASA, UAE Space Agency to Cooperate on Getting Humanity to Mars

Could a new space and aeronautics partnership between NASA and the United Arab Emirates Space Agency make Mars a reality within our lifetime?

King Tut Found to Have a Meteoric Dagger

Decades after archaeologists unearthed King Tut's tomb, we're still talking about the boy-king. This time it's because of his awesome space dagger.

We've Just Solved Some Mysteries of Saturn's Icy Moon Enceladus

Understanding just how the "tiger stripes" on Enceladus have sustained water eruptions from its global ocean for so long helps us learn more about Saturn's rings.

Probing the Sun's Physics With a New Magnetic Field Simulation

Reconciling large- and small-scale physics in a new simulation gives us better understanding of our home star.

Why Did It Take So Long to 'Discover' Planet Nine?

A massive planet 10 times the size of Earth seems to have been lurking on the edge of our solar system for some time now. How come we never noticed it before?

Our Closest Look Ever at Pluto’s Weird, Beautiful Surface

Pluto may have escaped our notice for a long time in recorded history, but the amazing images from NASA's New Horizons mission have more than made up for that.