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Assignment Discovery: Issac Newton's Principia
On Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery," learn about Sir Issac Newton's book, "Principia," which contains his ideas on how mass interacts with force, inertia and acceleration, and his historic definition of gravity.
Extreme Engineering: Acceleration and G Force
How can the human body tolerate the crushing G-force that occurs at high acceleration? Learn more about G-forces on Discovery Channel's "Extreme Engineering."
G Word: Better Bike
Ride faster, greener and cheaper. Learn more with "G Word" correspondent, David Newsom, as he investigates the benefits of a recumbent electric bike. Watch this clip from Planet Green.
Science of Star Wars: Highwire Concept Car
Watch this highwire concept car run on hydrogen fuel. This vehicle seats drivers like they are in an airplane, hand grips control speed, braking and acceleration. Learn more in this clip from The Science Channel's "Science of Star Wars" series.
Strange Planes: Legacy of the X15 Plane
Rocket powered airplanes were a challenge for designers but their legacy endured -- speed. Learn more about the X 15 plane on Discovery Channel's "Strange Planes" series.
Strange Planes: Zero Lift Launch System
The zero lift launch system was basically a design to shoot planes off of any surface, not just runways. Learn why this airplane technology failed in the Discovery Channel series, "Strange Planes."
The Ultimate Guide: Big Cats: Athletic Cheetahs
Witness the speed and agility of the cheetah on Discovery Channel's "Ultimate Guide: Big Cats." The cheetah can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in as little as four seconds.
Wrecks to Riches: Dodge Dart History
Travel back in time to see a muscle car in its prime - the Hemi Dodge Dart. This small car packed a powerful punch, a 426 hemi-engine. Learn more in TLC's "Wrecks to Riches" series.