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Take a journey into the future of aviation. Switchblade planes and sonic aircraft may soon be taking people around the world faster than ever.

How Sonic Cruisers Will Work

Need to go from New York City to Australia, but don't have a lot of time? Book a seat on board Boeing's new sonic cruiser!

Could Google's Sergey Brin Help Speed Along the Coming Airship Revolution?

The Google co-founder is reportedly is building a giant airship that to deliver humanitarian supplies and double as a flying yacht. He's not the only one with an eye to the sky. See more »

Climate Change Will Likely Increase Airplane Turbulence

New atmospheric analysis shows that a changing climate will make both common and severe turbulence significantly more likely in decades to come. See more »

Will Circular Airport Runways Ever Take Off?

Dutch researchers are proposing banked, continuous runways to handle traffic more efficiently and take up less space. See more »

Flexible, Bendable Wings Could Put a New Twist on Air Travel

An airplane wing that can change shape depending on the conditions would increase efficiency and reduce emissions. See more »

Homemade Hoverbike Takes Its First Flight

Internet sensation Colin Furze has used home tools and a workshed to create a working hoverbike. Watch it in action in this video. See more »

What It's Like Circumnavigating the Globe in a Solar-powered Plane

The pilots of the sun-fueled Solar Impulse 2, halfway through its 'round-the-world trip, self-hypnotize while spending days on end in a space the size of a coffin. See more »

NASA's Aiming for Supersonic Jets Free of That Pesky Sonic Boom

Sonic booms: so annoying! That's why the space agency and Lockheed Martin are on a 'QueSST' to science some physics and create a supersonic jet that's like so hush-hush. See more »

Slugs Might Save Your Plane From Icy Wings

Researchers devise a new anti-icing material after observing these garden pests. See more »

How an Imaginary Airline Called Poppi Is Pushing Travel Industry Innovation

Will airlines ever change for the better? One marketing concept called Poppi hopes to inspire innovation and push the industry forward. See more »

The FAA Just Approved a Hybrid Airship, But What Is That, Exactly?

This hybrid airship isn't exactly your great-grandfather's zeppelin. See more »