Boeing Joint Strike Fighter

The Boeing Company doesn't lose many competitions, but its Joint Strike Fighter contender, shown here on its September 18, 2000, first flight, was narrowly defeated by the Lockheed Martin entry.

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2000-2001 Flight Timeline

January 2000 The USAF takes delivery of the YAL-1A airborne laser platform; it is a modified Boeing 747-400F.

January 2000 The BAE Hawk 127 makes its first flight.

January 7, 20­00 For the first time Airbus records more orders than Boeing; in 1999 it was 476 for the Europeans versus 391 for the Americans.

March 6, 2000 ­The MiG-1.42 technology demonstrator makes its first flight.


April 28, 2000 Lockheed Martin delivers the 4,000th production F-16.

May 1, 2000 The Hubble Space Telescope celebrates its tenth anniversary.

May 23, 2000 The USAF and the Navy accept the first T-6A Texan II.

June 2000 The USAF announces plans to make the Predator the first armed UAV.

June 23, 2000 Airbus begins to offer the A380 mega airliner to airlines.

July 19, 2000 The Westland WAH-64 Apache makes its first flight.

July 25, 2000 An Air France Concorde supersonic airliner crashes after takeoff from Paris; it is the type's first crash.

August 22, 2000 The first CV-22 Osprey is delivered to the USAF.

September 18, 2000 The Boeing X-32 Joint Strike Fighter prototype makes its first flight.

October 11-24, 2000 The Space Shuttle Discovery conducts the 100th Space Shuttle mission.

October 24, 2000 The Lockheed X-35 Joint Strike Fighter prototype makes its first flight.

November 2, 2000 A joint United States-Russian crew takes up residence in the International Space Station.

December 19, 2000 Airbus formally launches the A380 mega transport to compete with Boeing's 747.

February 2, 2001 The RQ-1B Predator unpiloted aerial vehicle with a turboprop makes its first flight.

February 12, 2001 The NEAR Shoemaker probe lands on the asteroid Eros, taking pictures on the way down and transmitting data after it has landed.

February 20, 2001 The Rus-sian SS-25 ICBM launches the Swedish Odin spacecraft.

February 21, 2001 The Bombardier CRJ900 makes its first flight.

March 14, 2001 The Boeing X-40A makes its first NASA research flight.

March 29, 2001 Boeing announces the Sonic Cruiser as its next airliner.

April 23, 2001 The Airbus Industrie A340-600 makes its first flight.

April 23-24, 2001 The Northrop Grumman Global Hawk makes a 23-hour flight to Australia.

April 28, 2001 American millionaire Dennis Tito becomes the first space tourist, paying $20 million to join a Russian flight to the International Space Station.

May 7, 2001 The Antonov An-225 Mriya super-heavy transport is test-flown. The aircraft had originally been built to support the Soviet Space Shuttle program; this is its first flight since December 21, 1988.

May 10, 2001 China launches the Long March 4B with two satellites onboard.

July-August 2001 Lockheed Martin and Boeing Joint Strike Fighter prototypes become the first practical supersonic fighters to demonstrate a vertical landing.

July 2, 2001 The Zeppelin NT begins making operating flights.

August 13-14, 2001 The solar-powered Helios sets an altitude record of 96,500 feet.

September 11, 2001 Terrorists hijack three U.S. passenger airliners and strike New York City's Twin Towers and the Pentagon. A fourth hijacked plane crashes in Pennsylvania.

October 2001 Unpiloted Predator aircraft launch weapons in combat in Afghanistan.

October 23, 2001 The Mars Global Surveyor enters precise Mars orbit.

October 26, 2001 The Lockheed Martin X-35 wins the Joint Strike Fighter competition.

December 1, 2001 TWA flies its last flight before being absorbed by American Airlines.