Type 97 SHINHOTO CHI-HA Medium Tank Specifications

The Type 97 SHINHOTO CHIN-HA Medium Tank was distributed in three or four companies per armored regiment. Each company was made up of three platoons containing three tanks each. Three to five additional Type 97s were attached to regimental headquarters. Find specifications for the Type 97 SHINHOTO CHIN-HA Medium Tank here:

Date of service: 1938

Country: Imperial Japan

Type: Medium Tank

Dimensions: Length, 5.51 m (18 ft); width, 2.33 m (7.6 ft); height, 2.23 m (7.3 ft)

Combat weight: 15,000 kg (16.5 tons)

Engine: Mitsubishi 12 cylinder air-cooled diesel

Armament: One 57mm Type 90 main gun, later up-gunned to 47mm 48 caliber; two 7.7mm Type 97 machine guns

Crew: 4

Speed: 38 km/h (23.5 mph)

Range: 210 km (130 mi)

Obstacle/grade performance: 0.8 m (2.6 ft)

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