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Build It Bigger: A Hull of a Mistake
Build It Bigger host Danny Forster has some trouble attaching the poppit of the ship to the hull.
Build It Bigger: Welding Well
Build It Bigger host Danny Forster travels to Finland to see how people build one of the biggest cruise ships in the world. Learn the ins and outs of welding, grinding, and ship building.
Doing DaVinci: Filling in the Gaps
The team has some big gaps to fill when they find that their wood blocks don't quite fit together. Will they be able to make it work? Find out in this clip from Discovery Channel's "Doing DaVinci."
Doing DaVinci: Perfect Circle
The initial construction of one of DaVinci's most futuristic designs takes shape as the team builds the steel flooring of an armored tank in this clip from Discovery Channel's "Doing DaVinci."
G Word: Recycled Bike Parts
Salvage queen Evette Rios visits Bike Furniture Design, a company that transforms old, mangled bikes into sleek, stylish furniture. See this clip from Planet Green's "G Word."
How It's Made: Electrical Transformers
Electric transformers are everywhere, transforming high-voltage electricity from power lines into usable household currents. In this minisode of How It's Made, find out how electrical transformers are created.
How It's Made: Garbage Trucks
Find out how garbage trucks, complete with super-powered steel compactors, are fabricated and assembled.
How It's Made: Hot Rods
Get revved up as this clip from The Science Channel's "How It's Made" reveals how custom hot rod bodies are made.
How It's Made: Industrial Boilers
Find out how these often overlooked boilers turn up the heat, in this clip from The Science Channel's "How It's Made."
How It's Made: Javelins
Find out how javelins consistently hit the mark in this clip from The Science Channel's "How It's Made."
How It's Made: Steel Shipping Drums
The steel shipping drum was invented in the late 19th century for the oil industry as an alternative to the leaky wooden barrels of the past. In this minisode of How It's Made, find out how today's leak-proof steel shipping drums are created.
Howe and Howe Tech: Awesome Ripsaw Tests
Mike brings the Ripsaw to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds to put on a show for the US Army.
Howe and Howe Tech: Bubblehead Welding
Cameron plays welding instructor to Dee but his lessons are more goofy than useful.
Howe and Howe Tech: Fire Scout
Tune in for a closer look at Howe and Howe Tech in this clip from Discovery.
Howe and Howe Tech: Inferno Fighter
The new fire-fighting robot THERMITE is put to the test in a blazing house.
Howe and Howe Tech: RipTide Is Born
Geoff and Mike decide to build the ultimate amphibious fighting vehicle.
Howe and Howe Tech: Stair Climb
Tune in for a closer look at Howe and Howe Tech in this clip from Discovery.
Prototype This: Captain Welding Defeats Steel
Ever wonder what happens when 10,000 degrees meets steel? So has the Prototype team. Learn more about prototypes in this video from Discovery Channel's "Prototype This" series.
Really Big Things: Automatic Laser Welder
On Discovery Channel's "Really Big Things," host Matt Rogers tests out a foolproof laser welder.
Swamp Loggers: Fiery Tire Change
Justin explains how a little bit of ether and a lighter can help inflate truck tires if you don't blow yourself up.
Swamp Loggers: A Tar Heel's Sad Duty
After several weeks of limping along, Bobby finally has to temporarily shut down the business due to cutbacks in mill orders.
Swamp Loggers: Battle For The Roads
Bobby and his crew just can't beat the wet weather that keeps turning the roads into vehicle traps.
Swamp Loggers: Beaver Dam Blues
Bobby can't do much about the weather or mill orders but he's sure not going to let a beaver mess up his world.
Swamp Loggers: Broken Teeth
Old logging cable buried in a tree takes out six of the feller buncher's carbide teeth and Simitrio has to do a little field "dental" work.
Swamp Loggers: Don't Get Stuck
Forced to work in a swampy area with a thinner tree stand means fewer trees to build the log roads that keep the cutter from sinking in the muck.
Swamp Loggers: Home Grown Welding
The shovel logger's hydraulic cylinder is leaking fluid again, but Bobby's learning to fix it with his own welds.
Swamp Loggers: Logging Graveyard
After the feller buncher is damaged by some old logging cable, Bobby discovers a treasure trove of logging machines abandoned over seventy years ago.
Swamp Loggers: Make A Fat Man Move
Bobby and Justin get back to basics by bringing down a giant cypress tree with just the right chainsaw cuts.
Swamp Loggers: Mud World
After a heavy rain, the clay on the logging roads turns into a muck that traps everything.
Swamp Loggers: Stuck Truck
On an especially rainy day, deliveries come to a dead halt when Wayne's truck gets stuck in the mud. Bobby helps drag him out and Justin smoothes out the road to ensure that they won't waste any more time because of the mud.
Swamp Loggers: Timber Tempers
Bobby blows his top when he's accused of exceeding his quota while Justin just hates the skidder.
Swamp Loggers: Touch and Go Transport
Shoddy shop work on the Goodson's heavy equipment trailer leads to some scary moments when it's used to move their indispensable feller buncher.