10 Crackpot Theories About Space

The Universe Is a Hologram
While the idea that everything we know is a hologram may sound bizarre, the concept is actually worthy of exploration. ©iStock/Thinkstock

With all the chatter about virtual reality technology these days, it could be that our universe itself is the ultimate illusion. Perhaps our lives aren't truly three dimensional; maybe we all live inside a 2D hologram. At Fermilab in Illinois, a group of scientists is conducting experiments to find out.

The experiment involves aiming powerful laser beams arranged in an L-shaped configuration and called a holometer. If detectors in the system see variations in brightness of the laser beams, it could potentially be due to some sort of noise or interference. Ultimately, that could mean that the universe around us has limitations in terms of the information it can store.

Just as a 2D TV signal can transmit only so much data, perhaps nature itself can only provide so much data, too. Maybe reality itself is, in a way, already virtual. So this one's not so crackpot after all.

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