10 Crazy Evil Spacecraft

The Irken Massive
Yes, the side pods contain nothing but snacks.
Yes, the side pods contain nothing but snacks.
Image courtesy Nickelodeon

While the ineptitude of one Invader Zim is somewhat legendary in the Irken Empire, the people of Earth are fortunate to avoid the full attention of these insectile galactic conquerors.

The Irken armada plows its way through space, bringing system after system under the yoke of its egocentric rulers, the Almighty Tallest. The Irken Massive serves as the flagship for this invasion force. The warship boasts a devastating laser arsenal, numerous support vessels and a vast treasure trove of junk food.

In many cases, the Irken Massive launches an orbital bombardment to cleanse a conquered world of life. This clears the way for proper Irken colonization. Other planets, however, are far less fortunate.

The Conveyor Belt Planet, for instance, was once a lush and independent world. Now it serves as the Irken Empire's galactic shipping center, staffed by its former population. Other worlds, such as Foodcourtia, Parkinghereia and Excreto 5 suffered similar fates.

The Irken Massive itself is a product of a conquered species, the Vortians, whose home world of Vort was once the galaxy's leading center of science and engineering. Now the Vortians provide weapons technology for the endless Irken offensive.

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