10 Crazy Evil Spacecraft

The Space Vampire Mothership
The interior of the Mothership is, well, gross.
The interior of the Mothership is, well, gross.
Image courtesy MGM

Ridley Scott's "Alien" taught us the perils of poking around derelict alien spacecraft. As much as the ships tempt us with tantalizing arcane secrets, the technology is usually unfathomable and -- oh yeah -- the cargo bay usually contains rape monsters. Live and learn.

The 1985 film "Lifeforce" presents a much more difficult conundrum. What at first seems to be just another crumbly old tomb ship full of dead aliens turns out to contain an endlessly alluring payload for the investigating astronauts.

Naked people.

And they're not only naked; they're also attractive -- arguably the best variety of naked person possible. These extrasolar nudists turn up in a series of crystal, suspended animation chambers, and from there it's just a slippery slope to planetary invasion by a race of seductive space vampires. The vamps spend the remainder of the film sexing up British actors, draining their lifeblood and transforming into ravenous bat monsters.

From the walls of ancient Troy to the heart of a tawdry political scandal, lust has always been something of a problem for us humans. So when evil spaceships bring sexy back to Earth, you know we're doomed.

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