10 Fastest Things in the Universe

Don't Throw Out the Baby With the Amniotic Fluid
See how that health care professional is holding the baby and everything looks just fine? That's nice. That's a little different from catching an impatient new babe on the stairs. Comstock/Stockbyte/Thinkstock

Naturally, we can't be sure what the fastest birth is, because we busy humans haven't been keeping records of these things since the beginning of time. But there are a few modern examples of births that were so speedy (not to say easy or fun) that would be difficult to beat.

The first case was from 2007, when a woman from Great Britain had her baby less than two minutes after her water broke [source: Daily Mail]. While that family was looking for Guinness World Records authentication for the feat, another woman from Great Britain might've beat her by having her little one in a matter of seconds.

In 2009, Katherine Allen was having regular contractions at seven-and-a-half minutes apart, prompting her and her husband to make their way to the hospital. But as she was coming down the stairs to leave her home, her water broke -- and the baby came with it. Her 8-pound 5-ounce (3.8-kilogram) daughter slid down the leg of her sweatpants as she stood on the stairs, where dad heroically (and quite impressively) managed to catch the newborn [source: Daily Mail].