10 Fastest Things in the Universe

Super Fast
Super Mario stands at a showroom in Tokyo on Jan. 25, 2007, years before Andrew Gardikis would blow through his record-setting game in under five minutes. Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images

Having a record for being fastest in our universe is all fine and good, but some folks have bigger fish to fry. Why not break records in an alternate universe? Anything is possible in a land where little Italian men grow with magical mushrooms, fighting off evil Bowser.

So let us acknowledge Andrew Gardikis, a young Massachusetts man who -- in 2011 -- managed to play a complete Super Mario Bros. game in 4:58 [source: Baker]. Which might make some of us, who spent an entire summer trying to win the princess on our Game Boy, feel pretty bad.

Not to be outdone, Gardikis has figured out he's only one second away from completing the mathematically fastest game possible. He's not the only speed runner (or someone who plays a video game with the goal of having the fastest time) competing for the record. Three others have recorded games of less than five minutes.