10 Fictional Spacecraft We Wish Were Real


Moya the Leviathan

Meet Moya, the living spaceship.
Meet Moya, the living spaceship.
Image courtesy the Jim Henson Company

Outer space really is the worst. The temperatures are extreme, the gravity is awful and the breathable atmosphere is nonexistent. Forget about creature comforts -- there aren't even any creature necessities up there.

Humans didn't evolve with space travel in mind, but what if there were creatures that did? Science fiction provides us with a wide range of fleshy, living starships to choose from, but few are as attractive as the Leviathans of "Farscape." These sentient, biomechanical organisms thrive in the void of space, while also providing a habitable internal environment. They even grow to meet the specific life support needs of the crew inside it.

The Leviathan Moya serves as a central character in the "Farscape" series, bonded with a special pilot species in a symbiotic relationship. The result is a spaceship that feels an emotional bond to the crew that it sustains and protects.

A spaceship that loves us? Sounds like the way to explore the cosmos.