10 Historical Robots

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Dozens of Lost Letters From Alan Turing, Forefather of the Computer Age, Surface

Dozens of Lost Letters From Alan Turing, Forefather of the Computer Age, Surface

A professor has unearthed nearly 150 documents from Alan Turing, the famous British mathematician. Learn about the Turing discovery at HowStuffWorks.

Author's Note: 10 Historical Robots

Many of the robots of pop culture's 20th-century imagination simply haven't come to fruition. Forget maids that vacuum, mop and dust like those in the cartoons and sci-fi movies -- engineers are still struggling to make a two-legged robot navigate a room without causing a mess. In the air, though, robots are finding their feet. Drones of every size and shape are filling the skies for purposes both peaceful and nefarious. So although the robot revolution may have taken centuries to lift off, it's gaining momentum.

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