Top 10 Moments in Space Bathroom History


The Wearable Toilet

Leave it to Japanese engineers to bring space toilets into the 21st century.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has reportedly developed a toilet that works a lot like a high-tech diaper. If this toilet catches on, astronauts will never have to take a bathroom break — because they'll carry it with them at all times. The toilet contains motion sensors that can detect when the astronaut goes to the bathroom and automatically triggers a suction unit that draws wastes away. Once the astronaut's done doing his or her business, the machine washes and dries the wearer. It also removes any unpleasant sounds and odors, so an astronaut can go to the bathroom in close quarters without the knowledge of anyone nearby.

JAXA plans to test a prototype of the device in Japan's Kibo lab on the International Space Station.