10 Offbeat Things Humans Have Launched Into Space

Beads of Courage

Arizona oncology nurse Jean Baruch had mastered the technical aspects of her job, but felt she could do more to provide the emotional care children with cancer required. And when she noticed how much children with serious illnesses loved crafts projects during summer camp, especially those involving beads, she leapt into action.

Baruch founded Beads of Courage to take the joys of beading into a pediatric hospital setting, using the beads to symbolize a child's spirit, strength and patience during the many medical procedures they often endure. Although the concept grew from one hospital in 2004 to more than 60 hospitals around the world, even Baruch probably never dreamed these special beads would travel to outer space [source: Bannan]. However, when a NASA contractor whose daughter was battling cancer requested the beads accompany astronauts in the space shuttle Atlantis in May 2010, that's exactly what they did [source: Roy].

The beads' journey symbolized not only the strength and resilience of children, but the powerful human element at the heart of space exploration.

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