10 Robots With Dirty Jobs


Future Bathroom Helpers

You'll thank your lucky stars for this robot one day.
You'll thank your lucky stars for this robot one day.
Image courtesy Toyota

You've met the bots that help keep our toilet systems clean and functioning, but this next gal will actually help you out in the bathroom. What's that? You say you don't need a robot to help you go potty? Just wait until you're older, sonny. Wait until you're all older.

The looming issue is especially prominent in Japan, where 65-year-olds already make up more than 22 percent of the population [source: UNC Institute on Aging]. To help relieve the burden of elderly care, technology companies like Toyota are prepping a future of mechanical caregivers.

Meet the Patient Transfer Assist robot. Sure, she may look like a cross between a Segway and a writing desk, but this mechanical powerhouse uses her wheels to move patients in and out of the bathroom and her weight-supporting arms to lower them down onto the toilet and back up again. Think of her as a kind of robot super-nurse, only one that works 24 hours a day and won't accidentally look you in the eyes while you're going number two.

If you think conversation might prove awkward with this robot, just wait until you meet the next one.