10 Terrorist Plots That Failed

Fort Dix Plot
A welcome sign sits at the entrance to Fort Dix military base in New Jersey. William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

Thanks to undercover operatives, a terrorist plot to attack U.S. soldiers with assault rifles and grenades was foiled in May 2007. Six men were arrested before the violent plan could take place at the Fort Dix Army base in New Jersey.

The FBI infiltrated the group after receiving a tip from a store clerk who got suspicious after the men dropped off a video to be copied to DVD. The video showed the men firing their weapons and calling for jihad [source: Fletcher]. A 16-month investigation revealed they had gone on training missions in the nearby Poconos Mountains and had the weapons they needed to carry out an attack.

The men – including three Albanian brothers -- were arrested and in December 2008, five were convicted on conspiracy charges, four were found guilty on weapons charges and one pled guilty to aiding and abetting the plot. All were sentenced to multiple years in jail; four of the men received life sentences [source: Carafano].

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