10 Crazy Uses for Completely Frictionless Surfaces

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How Cosmic Rays Revealed a Secret Void in the Great Pyramid

How Cosmic Rays Revealed a Secret Void in the Great Pyramid

How did scientists use muon detectors to map the Pyramid of Khufu? Learn more about a 'secret chamber' in the Great Pyramid on HowStuffWorks.

Author's Note: 10 Crazy Uses for Completely 'Frictionless' Surfaces

Remember Clark W. Griswold from National Lampoon's "Christmas Vacation": "This is the new non-caloric, silicon-based kitchen lubricant my company's been working on. It creates a surface 500 times more slippery than any cooking oil." Clark rubs the lubricant on his saucer-sled and proceeds to rocket down a snowy hill like a prat out of hell. We were looking for similar, albeit a little less wacky, solutions to round out this article.

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