5 Amazing Innovations that Have Won Edison Awards


i-LIMB Hand

For many amputees, prosthetic limbs have traditionally been associated with less than pleasing aesthetic value, as well as limited comfort and functionality. Thanks to continuing strides in technology, the i-LIMB Hand was successfully developed to address these issues. The i-LIMB Hand, developed by Touch Bionics, is the first prosthetic hand available with five individually powered fingers, which allows for vastly improved functionality.

The device functions when electrolodes attached to the surface of skin in the forearm pick up electrical signals generated by muscle movement. When the connection is made between the electrolodes and these signals, the gap is effectively bridged between the remaining limb and the i-LIMB Hand, allowing the user to turn what is often termed a phantom limb into a functional one. This feat of engineering allows the prosthesis to work almost exactly like a real hand, giving amputees the opportunity to enjoy such day-to-day activities that people with two functional hands take for granted.