5 Amazing Innovations that Have Won Edison Awards


Tide to Go

It's a simple fact that everyone spills -- usually at the worst possible times. A spatter of spaghetti sauce here, a dribble of soda there, and a carefully selected outfit is ruined before you can say "marinara." To the relief of messy eaters everywhere, Tide launched the Tide to Go marker several years ago. The marker/pen, which is small enough to fit in purses, briefcases or even a loose pocket, is designed to save the day when food-related tragedy strikes. In the event of a spill, Tide to Go is best used by first removing excess residue, then pressing the tip of the pen to release the cleaning solvent as needed. Mechanics may not reap the same benefits, however, as Tide to Go is not as successful at removing oil or grease stains, along with discolorations caused by grass, ink or blood. When used correctly, the product (made from perfume and peroxide surfactant) can literally make stains disappear before the user's eyes. There's little doubt that more than one rising executive has averted a coffee-related clothing crisis thanks to this handy, Edison Award-winning product.