5 Amazing Innovations that Have Won Edison Awards


Apple iPhone

Developing highly influential and top of the line products is really nothing new for Apple. The mega-company may have topped itself with the launch of the hugely successful iPhone, which quite literally puts the world at your fingertips. Billed as three devices in one, the iPhone is an iPod, Internet device and phone, all with heightened capabilities. The touch screen phone is user-friendly enough for people of all ages and technological persuasions to navigate. The iPod allows users to purchase and play music, television shows and movies on a top-quality screen. The high-speed Internet component of the iPhone and the countless customized applications (maps, recipes, news, music and more) available therein has set the bar higher for competitor phones. The only minor downfall to owning an iPhone is that Apple is constantly updating and improving it, making each model sort of obsolete almost immediately after purchase. For the majority of iPhone fans, that minor inconvenience is nothing compared to the major perks that come with owning this pocket-sized cellular gem.

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