Why do people buy up all the bread and milk before a storm hits?

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A burned out classic car sits next to a home that was destroyed by the Carr Fire on July 27, 2018 in Redding, California. To date, more than 115,000 acres have been destroyed by flames.

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Author's Note: Why do people buy up all the bread and milk before a storm hits?

Not only did I grow up in the Midwest, but on a farm miles and miles from the nearest town. Thus began a habit I've kept well into adulthood: stocking up for storm season. Even though I now live less than two miles from the nearest market, my pantry is never without a bevy of staples (basically any ingredient I would need to bake a cake or serve a protein-carb-vegetable dinner). It's a system my husband, who has always lived in a city, cannot quite fathom. Still, when warm chocolate chip cookies seem to magically appear from the oven on a snowy day, I'm pretty sure he's willing to adapt -- at least temporarily.

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