10 Innovative Architects to Watch

Robin Lee

Until early 2011, Robin Lee was half of the architectural firm NORD (Northern Office for Research and Design) based in Glasgow, Scotland. Now he runs his own firm under the name Robin Lee Architecture operating out of both London and Dublin. Lee has degrees in both architecture and sculpture, which gave him a different take on working with materials within their means. Thanks to CAD (computer-aided design), architects can basically create any form that they want. But in a December 2011 interview with Architectural Record, Lee stated that he wants "to develop a position in terms of form that has rigor to it."

Lee showcased that philosophy with his most recent project, completed by his new firm -- the Wexford County Council Headquarters in Ireland. The building was constructed of stone and glass, but used in a different way than you'd expect. The stone building is wrapped in an envelope of glass panels, separated by aluminum mullions, or dividers. It gives the building a unique look, but the glass is also insulating, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The interior has a light and airy feel with wood, glass and walls and floors of Irish blue limestone.

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