10 Most Copied Architects

Frank Lloyd Wright
One of Wright's most famous works, Fallingwater
One of Wright's most famous works, Fallingwater
Archive Photos/Getty Images

At long last, we reach the architect so hugely influenced by the work of Louis Sullivan, the man who worked for more than six years as his chief draftsman. Were you starting to wonder if we'd managed to leave Frank Lloyd Wright off the list? Never fear, he's in the top spot of honor. Wright's projects, such as Fallingwater, the Robie House and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to name a few, were characterized by organic lines and open, flowing spaces. Many of his fellow architects would seek to imitate Wright's nature-inspired elegance and iconic cantilevers.

Born in 1867, Wright's work alone would have had a major affect on the architectural world, but his biggest impact likely comes from having founded the Taliesin Fellowship in 1932. Over the years, the fellowship, which was run from Wright's summer home Taliesin in Wisconsin and his winter home Taliesin West in Arizona, has trained an army of promising new architects through an apprenticeship-style program. Among them were William Wesley Peters, Henry Klumb, Edgar Tafel and Jack Howe. Now known more officially as the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Taliesin is still a thriving institution dedicated to preparing potential architects in the ways of the trade.

Author's Note: 10 Most Copied Architects

I loved writing this article because I got to see photos of so many amazing works of architecture. It was also fun because the timeframe was so expansive. It's not often I get to write an article that encompasses centuries worth of interesting and expressive celebrities.

It was also cool that I got to revisit the article "How Frank Lloyd Wright Worked" in the process, which could easily make the list "Top 10 Articles I've Enjoyed Writing for the Site" if I were ever asked to compose such a thing. Wright, like many of the architects on this list, led a rich and fascinating life that was fun for me to explore in depth.

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