10 Green Structural Engineering Marvels

R128 House (Stuttgart, Germany)
In this image, you can see the top two stories of the four-story, totally recyclable R128 House. Perched on Germany's cliffs, it also comes with amazing views. Image courtesy Josef Schulz, Düsseldorf/Germany and Werner Sobek Group GmbH

Werner Sobek is an old hand at designing the future. He's also a bit of a green-structure luminary, too. Let's look to his R128 House for proof.

The problem of constructing a house suited to Stuttgart's steep valley walls without sacrificing one iota of the gorgeous view is enough to challenge any architect, but Sobek also opted to make his R128 house a study in sustainability [sources: Dwell; Werner Sobek].

The 100 percent recyclable, mortise-and-tenon house is fully modular, and assembles and breaks down more easily than most Ikea furniture. R128 produces no emissions and provides all the energy it needs via its solar cells. It features glass walls on all sides, consisting of high-quality, insulating triple-glazed panels [sources: Dwell; Hart; Werner Sobek].

It's not the home for the modest soul but, then again, that's kind of the idea. Just be sure to bring a lot of Windex.

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