How the Society of Women Engineers Works

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Author's Note: How the Society of Women Engineers Works

Before writing this piece, my knowledge of gender-in-engineering was entirely anecdotal and pointing in the same direction. I attended (oh, many years ago) a university with a prestigious engineering department, and I had quite a few friends in that department, and not a single one was female. My husband attended a school exclusively for engineers and in reminiscing has noted something along the lines of, "Women were in short supply."

Frankly, I expected to find out the situation wasn't nearly as gender-slanted as it seemed – in this day in age? When medical schools slant female? I was surprised to learn that in fact, the statistics back up my limited observations. Perhaps I shouldn't have been, though: I was all about math in seventh grade, and all about avoiding it in 12th. I find myself wondering how many women wish they could go back and take calculus again, but this time with confidence. (No? Just me?)

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