10 Earth Day Activities for Families

Make a List of Resolutions

As you've gone through our list of family Earth Day activities, you've seen examples of ways to make small environmentally aware changes in your life and the lives of your children. Every change has an impact -- if not today, then tomorrow. When you go on record with your kids by suggesting ways they can conserve, recycle or reuse, you make environmental issues personal and more important in their eyes.

Environmental awareness is a long game. Sometimes it means changing entrenched behaviors without any payoff beyond an abiding faith in a better future. If you believe in what Earth Day stands for, sit down and draft a list of resolutions that will make family life at your house a little more environmentally responsible. Post it on your refrigerator this Earth Day with a little ceremony commemorating this special day as the day you decided to make green your absolutely favorite color. Make it a challenge. Make it a goal. Make it a habit.

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