10 Earth Day Activities for Families

Go Shopping

Environmental advocates believe in recycling and reusing items as much as possible, but sometimes you do need to shop, even if it's just for fun. If you have the itch to go shopping this Earth Day, keep these eco-friendly shopping tips in mind:

  • Group your shopping excursions to save on fuel. Go to the market, the hardware store and the book store in the same trip. Oh, and in the future, consider going to the market once a week instead of once every few days.
  • Keep reusable shopping bags handy. Why? It takes a disposable plastic shopping bag up to 1,000 years to decompose in your local landfill. Don't rely on recycling to take care of the plastic bag problem, either. Only about 1 percent of plastic bags are ever recycled [source: ReuseThisBag.com].
  • Choose goods packaged with or containing recycled materials, and look for the recycle symbol on the goods you do buy.
  • Buy local. When you buy locally grown foods and locally manufactured products, you support your community, reduce the energy waste incurred by transporting goods long distances and often save on packaging waste, too.