10 Earth Day Activities for Families

Dispose of Hazardous Materials

You know you probably shouldn't put cans of paint, varnish or acetone in the trash, or pour them down the drain, either. Many states and local governments have regulations controlling the disposal of paints, other solvents, batteries and even electronics, as well as authorized drop off sites where you can safely discard them. Earth 911 has a handy interactive page where you can enter your zip code for listing of collection centers that accept hazardous products in your area. You can find it here: Recycling Center Listings (look for the green bar at the top of the page) [source: Earth 911].

This Earth Day, check with the solid waste officials in your community and make arrangements to dispose of that pesky pile of hazardous junk in your garage. You'll help the environment and cross one nasty chore off your list of things to do this season.