10 Earth Day Activities for Families

Have a Green Picnic

If the sun is shining and the birds are singing this Earth Day, head out for a picnic. While you're pulling out the hamper and chilling the watermelon, keep these green practices in mind:

  • Keep it local. Pick a location nearby, ideally within walking or bicycling distance. You'll save energy and help keep pollution levels down.
  • Reduce waste. Avoid paper or plastic tableware. Use biodegradable tableware instead.
  • Compost your trash. Yes, that compost pile from No. 8 on our list is hungry for all kinds of scraps, even those from your picnic. Stick those bread heels, fruit peels and compostable plates in a reusable bag and bring them back home. Next season, they may end up as part of your perennial border or herb patch.
  • Keep it natural. Instead of playing softball or listening to the radio, get into nature. Use your Earth Day picnic to explore the natural ecosystems near you. Take a walk or a hike after your picnic. The trees, birds, animals, plants, water features and even the insects you share space with are all vital elements of the world you live in. The more you observe and understand them, the more you'll appreciate nature and the astonishing complexity of planet Earth.