5 Earth Facts to Blow Your Kid’s Mind


We're all supernova stardust.

Supernovae are super awesome!
Supernovae are super awesome!

First off, let's just get it out there that most kids' minds would be blown by the thought of a supernova alone. The idea of a massive star is cool, for one. And the fact that the star's iron core becomes so absorbed with energy that it causes a massive explosion? Best firework ever. In addition,the temperature of a supernova can reach an almost unbelievable billion degrees Fahrenheit [source: StarChild]? Mind blowing.

But it's not just the supernovae that are awe-inspiring; their results are pretty impressive as well. In fact, if you've ever admired yourself in a mirror, beholding your own beauty, you've actually been enthralled with how perfect and awesome the product of a supernova can be. That's right; you're made of stardust, just like most of the Earth. Because when stars explode, they blow elements far and wide. Scientists posit that our Earth was initially just hydrogen and helium. When a supernova exploded, it produced materials like iron (the same iron that's in our blood and body) that allowed life to flourish, creating creatures like us. So yup; it's not just poetic. You really are made of the stuff of stars.