How The Nature Conservancy Works

Getting Involved in the Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy, North Carolina Chapter

4011 University Drive, Suite 201

Durham, N.C. 27707

Phone: (919) 403-8558

Fax: (919) 403-0379

The Nature Conservancy, International Headquarters

4245 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 100

Arlington, Va. 22203-1606

Phone: (703) 841-5300

Check here for your state office.

At the state level, you can donate $25 and become a member (subscriptions to The Nature Conservancy Magazine" and the state newsletter, North Carolina Afield, are included). You can become a Carolina Conservator member by donating at least $100 per year (publications and participation in an annual "exclusive" field trip are included) and a Conservation Partner member by giving a minimum of $1,000 (publications, special field trips and events are included). Your membership includes the chapter newsletter, Afield, which contains information about land protection and membership activities (such as field trips), as well as The National Conservancy Magazine.

Check The Nature Conservancy's national Web site for membership information and opportunities at the national level. One of the more innovative opportunities for donors is the Adopt An Acre Program, through which you can adopt one acre or 100 to help provide funds for the purchase and management of rainforests.

If you're interested in environmental or ecological issues or if you just want to do something to keep your community healthy and attractive, you might also want to consider volunteering. Like most charitable organizations, The Nature Conservancy is always happy to increase its volunteer ranks. Contact a nearby Conservancy office to see what your state needs people to do.

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