5 Energy Choices for a Sustainable Future

Reducing Waste

Without realizing it, we commonly waste a lot of the energy that we consume. Try not to use your heating or air conditioning more than necessary. Instead, keep them on the lowest setting that you can feel comfortable with. Consider putting your heat and AC on a timer so that they aren’t in use when you’re away during the day.

To maximize the heating and cooling you do use, make sure that your residence is properly insulated. The escape of warm or cool air only makes your heating and air conditioning systems work harder and suck up more energy than they have to. Thermopane or argon-filled double-glazed windows, in addition to storm windows, are all good choices. You should consider weather stripping and caulking to prevent leaks.

We can also minimize the energy we waste through the materials we consume. For instance, the theory behind recycling is that it's more energy efficient than making whole new products. Aluminum cans are an excellent example of this and considered the most energy-efficient items to recycle.