How does carbon capture work?

How much do you know about carbon capture?
How much do you know about carbon capture?

Jesse James, Billy the Kid, and Bonnie and Clyde have nothing on carbon. Released into the atmosphere, this atomic desperado holds a six-shooter to the Earth's thermostat, warming the globe and causing climate change. That is, until carbon capture became the new sheriff in town. With a hard-riding posse of technological tools, carbon capture has deadly carbon in its sights.

The major source of man-made carbon is combustion, and the most common thing humans burn are fossil fuels for energy production. Therefore, the idea is to grab this CO2 gas before it heads out the power plant door into the atmosphere. The process is called carbon capture (the second step is called carbon sequestration, where the captured carbon is imprisoned deep in the Earth or the ocean where it can no longer be a menace to society).

There are a number of ways to capture carbon. Keep reading to learn about a few examples.