How will clean energy help future generations?

The Future is Now

Experts say clean energy can keep foreign countries from holding other economies hostage. Since the United States depends on the dwindling supply of foreign oil for its survival, the nation’s economy is vulnerable to volatile prices changes, terrorism and fuel supply interruptions. Clean energy, which for all intents and purposes is bountiful and produced domestically, is not subject to such manipulations.

In addition, replacing fossil fuels with wind, solar and other forms of clean energy means that future generations will not have to go to war to protect America’s energy supply. Experts say if our energy policy does not change, by 2030 the United States will have to import two-thirds of its oil supply from the Middle East and Asia, creating a bee’s nest of future foreign policy problems.

In the here and now, and as the people of Henry County, Ill., have found out, green energy means more green in everyone’s pocketbooks. As America shifts to renewable energy, experts argue that hundreds of thousands of jobs -- the numbers vary -- will be created. Backed by government incentives, many companies are beginning to take the nascent steps to build a workable green economy. And these jobs are likely to last for years, and could provide a wealth of public and private benefits, such as reducing poverty and providing health care for millions.

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