How would solar roadways work?

How much do you know about solar roadways?
How much do you know about solar roadways?

Solar Roadways is a company with an ambitious vision for a new energy future: to replace all concrete and asphalt surfaces, including the 4 million miles of roads and streets in the United States, with solar road panels. The plan would effectively transform our country’s entire transportation network into one massive power plant.

If immediately implemented, an entirely unrealistic prospect even by the company’s own admission, with commercially produced solar panels available today, the resulting energy savings gained from not burning fossil fuels could cut the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions in half, according to Solar Roadways projections. And best of all, by simultaneously replacing our crumbling roads and deteriorating power grid, the system would even eventually pay for themselves, according to Solar Roadways.

It’s easy to get carried away when faced with an idea as potentially game changing as solar road panels. But how well do solar road panels really stack up when reality crashes into theory?

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