The Top 10 Green Issues of 2008

Green has grown a lot this year.
Green has grown a lot this year.
­Getty Images/Dougal Waters

­It wasn't too long ago that green was just another color. But in recent years, it's become an easy way to describe a wealth of environmental problems, solutions and ideas for living. Because it's vague enough, "green" can be applied to seemingly disparate topics -- anything from cleaning up a power plant to recycling your old bathwater.

In 2008, green, and all the issues it encompasses, got ramped up another notch. You probably saw newspapers, business journals and even food and fashion magazines (green makeup, anyone?) that splashed the word across their articles and titles.

So how did all this green awareness get going? Well, the warming of the planet is reason enough for many people to want to modify their behavior or take interest in scientific and legislative solutions. But people have also begun to pay more attention to our unsustainable reliance on oil, the precarious state of our world water supply and the contentious roots of some of our favorite products. The interest hasn't been lost on the folks here at HowStuffWorks. We've been tackling some of the biggest green conundrums for years. For 2008, we've picked 10 of the year's most important topics.