10 Ideas for a Green Transportation Infrastructure

Making the Old New Again

Giving people the opportunity and encouragement to get out and walk sometimes takes a little creativity, especially in hyper-urban areas like New York City. In the city's old Meatpacking District, a group of committed citizens have transformed what was once a piece of what would now be called green infrastructure -- an elevated railway line -- and transformed it into a nearly 1.5-mile (2.14 kilometer) walkway and park on the west side of Manhattan called the High Line. What was a transportation route for meat and other agricultural goods heading into factories and warehouses from 1934 to 1980 is now a popular park with areas for public art and urban gardens.

A groundbreaking and unique project, the High Line could be the beginning of a larger trend. Already, Chicago is considering a very similar concept, called the Hydrogenerator, and a floating park has been proposed on the River Thames in London.

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