10 Ways to Green Your Shopping List


Rethink Your Transportation

Each year, the average car produces 11,450 pounds (5,194 kilograms) of carbon dioxide, a leading cause of greenhouse gases [source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency]. You can reduce your trips to the store by planning ahead. Before you leave home, make a list of everything you need to purchase. If you need to make multiple stops, map out your route before you pull out of your driveway. This will save you time and gasoline. Carpooling to the store is another easy way to reduce your consumption of fossil fuels. And if you have access to reliable public transportation, use it to run your errands.

If possible, skip traveling by car altogether. If you're in walking distance to the grocery store, get a folding shopping cart to carry your bounty; to make the trip go by a little faster, strap on a pair of in-line skates. Bikes are one of the most energy efficient modes of transportation and groceries can easily be tucked into baskets or saddlebags. You can also hitch a trailer to your bicycle for carrying larger loads.