4 Visions of How Technology and Innovation Will Feed the Planet


Farm in a Backpack

Ideas are sprouting out of the spotlight, too. In Africa, where some of the greatest need for more and better-quality food is spread over large, often arid areas, a "farm-in-a-backpack" has started to take hold, as well as the "super vegetable garden" -- both of which are all-in-one packages that fit everything a person needs to grow healthy and diverse foods into one convenient pack.

Especially as climate change starts to affect and alter agricultural trends in already-semi-desert climates (and as the world's population grows), tricks for growing more food while consuming less water will become ever-more important--and that's exactly what the super vegetable garden, for example, does. In a space of 60 square meters, a balanced diet can be grown (year-round) for a family of 10, using 80 percent less water and a lot less human labor -- which frees up time to pursue other work or school studies, which will be crucial in paving developing regions like Africa's way to a better future.