Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day


Use Alternate Transportation

Carpool to celebrate.
Carpool to celebrate. MCCAIG

­­With the high rate of traffic congestion, it would seem cars are the only option for getting around town. When was the last time you left your car at home and walked or rode a bike, especially when your destination was only a short distance away? Walking, bicycling, public transportation, carpooling and ride sharing are all ways to green your transportation every day.

­Not everyone is able to leave the car behind. Even if you're tied to your car there are actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint. Consider your vehicle's fuel economy. A well-maintained car (which includes keeping your tires properly inflated) is more fuel-efficient. Driving smartly is also fuel-efficient: Reduce your speed, use your cruise control setting and avoid letting your car idle. Also, see as much as a 5 percent improvement in your fuel efficiency by removing the roof rack from your car [source: EPA]. And when it's time to buy a car, consider a hybrid or car that uses clean fuel.