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Workers try to clean up an oil spill at the Bens beach, near Coruna, in northwestern Spain.
Workers try to clean up an oil spill at the Bens beach, near Coruna, in northwestern Spain.

In addition to the main Web site, Earth 911 also hosts information for more narrow audiences.

Earth 911 Business serves up the same type of information posted at the main Earth 911 site, except tailored for businesses. It provides information on the following:

  • Business-specific recycling guidelines (toner, fluorescent bulbs, landscaping waste)
  • Local, national and industry resources
  • Waste exchange information (transferring waste to another company so that it may be used again in a different process)
  • Tips on waste reduction (double-sided copies, reducing packaging)
  • How to conduct a waste assessment
  • Federal and state waste requirements
  • Recycling and disposal information
  • Green purchasing and environmentally preferred product list
  • As with the main site, regional recycling coordinators can upload content to the site for location-specific information.

Beaches 911 is dedicated to monitoring water quality at U.S. beaches. In 2006, water pollution resulted in more than 25,000 beach and lake closings [source: NRDC]. Users access the site, click on a state's name and view the beach water status of their favorite locations. For participating regions, each beach on the map is marked with a color-coded pin. Green means the water quality is acceptable, yellow means the beach is under advisory and red means the beach is closed. As with the rest of the Earth 911 content, the content on Beaches 911 is community-supplied. In addition to the water quality status reports, Beaches 911 features articles on beach safety, keeping beaches clean and water conservation. Users can also sign up for e-mail alerts about the water quality status of their favorite beaches.

Clean Boating offers environmental guidelines for boaters. This site is limited to the state of California but does offer some general guidelines for clean boating. Information offered includes:

  • Boating-related waste recycling and disposal locations (California only)
  • Tips for clean boating
  • Proper waste disposal and responsible equipment maintenance
  • Useful clean boating links (national and regional)

Now that you've learned how Earth 911 works, perhaps you'd like to learn more on the topic of being green. Read the links on the next page for more information on keeping our environment healthy.  

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