What environmental issues will the next generation face?

Shift Away From Climate Change

While climate change and its effects are no doubt still at the forefront of environmental study, the United Nations Fourth Global Environmental Outlook (GEO4) stresses that climate change is part of an interconnected group of issues. Biodiversity loss, land and water degradation, resource overconsumption and poverty all play a role in environmental issues. GEO4 says that the links between all of these factors are what environmental studies must focus on simultaneously, as opposed to a more specific emphasis on simple climate change.

Generation Z will have to confront how seriously climate fluctuations affect countries marked by poverty. The United Nations Environmental Programme points out that poor countries are much more vulnerable to catastrophe spawned by severe weather systems. It could very well be that the next generation of environmentalists will have to address global poverty and resource allocation as much as previous generations have responded to consumption and pollution.

If those recommendations seem rather mundane, let's really get outside the box to see what issues future generations will face. How about invasive species … in the form of robots?