Tips for Sustainable Farming

Farming Values

Community is actually a significant component of sustainable farming, which is more of an overarching social philosophy than simply a farming method. The idea, at its most basic, is balance: Sustainable farmers grow food and raise livestock in natural conditions, using biodiversity and farm wide recycling of inputs and outputs to produce food that is healthy for everyone and everything involved in the process. These farmers typically sell in local markets and meet their consumers face to face.

Sustainability is, in clichéd but accurate terms, about the circle of life.

In this article, we'll see how sustainable farming attempts to meet its ideals. We'll look at methods involved in the process, check out the resulting benefits and find out about some of the challenges facing the approach.

If you plan to farm sustainably, you'll most likely be applying well-established techniques rather than state-of-the-art farming methods. Read on to learn more.